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Culinary Safari… BOSTON!

Well all the pics are in from the Safari — New England style!  Looking back on the night I have to say, Boston did NOT let me down.

My day started in NYC with 2 client meetings.  The 2nd meeting began at 11:30am and I had to roll at 12:15 in order to make it to Penn Station for my train up the eastern corridor.  Our first reservation was at 5p in Boston and when you are on a Safari there is little room for error.  Long story short I went through my presentation like I was Pooky from New Jack City;  quick and all sweaty! I excused myself and ran for the door.

As usual on trips to Boston I grab a seat in the quiet car.  I don’t want to talk or hear anyone talk so it’s the perfect place to ZEN out.   Only this time it was hard to chill when the person next to me kicked off their shoes and cracked open a tuna sandwich.

you are correct… that is tuna, that is a sock and yes, windows on trains do NOT open.  It was a small price to pay for what went down when Amtrak hit the brakes in Boston.

Below is a highlight reel from the night. We assembled the PERFECT crew, picked the right places, ordered the right amount of food and enjoyed every bite along the way…. first course was at 5pm and we got the check at our last course at 11:30pm (on a school night to boot!!).  Click here for the full itinerary.

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