Top Lobster

The Ultimate Crawl!

When you think of summer food and New England one dish stands out as the quintessential fare… The Lobster Roll.

On June 9th the Tasting Table is throwing a Lobster Roll Rumble.  Fifteen restaurants from coast to coast will test their skills right here in NYC with only one emerging as the favorite. Lots of PRIDE at stake and 9 of the 15 spots are in the Big Apple.  Click here to see details!

So here’s the deal… I teamed up with Andrea Wolinetz – a legendary foodie in the media circuit, to create our own version of this competition. Since 9 out of the 15 restaurants are in our backyard we decided to judge this for ourselves!

First I need your help. We’re building out a logo for our Culinary Safari ‘Lobster edition’.  Let me know which of the below two titles you prefer:


Don’t worry, we’ll have an image of a lobster as we add the second half of the logo. You guys need to pick the TITLE…let me know!

The Plan

Since it will be too hard to hit all 9 spots in 9 separate days we’re going to condense the crawl to 3 spots per night with a 4th night to pick the overall winner (over the course of 4 weeks).  HOW?  We’re doin it bracket style, ala March Madness.  *subject to change!

  • 2 teams of 5 people
  • Each team hits up 3 spots in 1 night (not the same 3 so we part ways)
  • Both teams meet up at a bar to discuss the nights events without sharing the winners (don’t want to skew the voting)
  • The 4th night we hit  up the winners of the past 3 nights and decide right there and then who is TOP LOBSTER (LOBSTAH)
  • Wait for the results of the Tasting Table to see if we are all on the page (our last night  will be June 9th to coincide with the original contest)

It’s going to be AMAZING!  Lobster Rolls RULE and restaurants that serve them are just as cool!

The Line Up

First Night:

  1. Ditch Plains
  2. Ed’s Chowder House
  3. The Lamb’s Club

Second Night:

  1. Luke’s Lobster
  2. The Mermaid Inn
  3. Red Hook Lobster Pound — Gonna eat at their Food Truck!

Third Night:

  1. Mary’s Fish Camp
  2. Lure’s Fishbar
  3. BLT Fish

Fourth Night:

  • Winner of Night 1
  • Winner of Night 2
  • Winner of Night 3

Stay tuned for more details and if you’re craving a Lobster Roll right now, make it yourself.  Check out my rendition of the New England classic in the below video – for written directions click here.

5 Responses to “Top Lobster”

  1. deeman doe says:

    go for “top lobster”. keep it new york. just spent an hour on your sight. love it. whose yard was that in the pizza video? loved the shout out to Johnny!

  2. Tim says:

    Gotta be Top Lobstah

  3. tom says:

    my vote is fer;
    Top Lobstah!
    (if i win, do i get a lobstah??)

  4. blochbusta says:

    Top Lobstah all the way. Top Lobster is boring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Top Lobstah guy.

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