SuperBowl Sunday

Sour Cream Dreams!

SuperBowl Sunday is the most laid back party of the year from coast to coast!  It really doesn’t matter who is on the field, it’s all about friends, commercials and lots of food…oh yeah, and COLD BEER on ice.

The key for those throwing the party is efficiency.   You want to offer enough food so people can eat all afternoon, but you want to minimize cost and time spent in the kitchen. After all you wanna hang out to!  - you also do NOT want to compromise taste and presentation!

Couple Tips for you:

  • DVR the game (replay commercials, missed plays or if someone steps on the remote and changes the channel!)
  • Keep the food close to the action: Don’t set the table
  • Themes: create the quintessential New England Lobster Roll for the Patriots and cut them into sliders or an oven or grilled pizza for the Giants!
  • Keep the beer on Ice and play drinking games: Drink every First Down or Holding call
  • Be a good guest.  Bring wine, beer or Tums and don’t wipe buffalo sauce on your friends couch

Here are a few recipes to consider when you are planning your party or planning on bringing something to a party.

Get detailed recipes in the Virtual Cookbook

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