Share Recipes

Ok here’s the deal! For Phase 1 of the Virtual Cookbook to work we are going to need your recipes and ideas! It’s all about sharing and making life a little easier. So here are the steps you need to take in order for this to work… you ready! ?

1) Pick your favorite recipe (source it)

2) If you can…shoot a video of how to make the dish or just send me the recipe.

3) Make the video quick and easy to follow with good shots of the food.

4) Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever site you use.

5) Send me the video link along w/ the recipe and some background on why this dish RULES!

6) Your recipe goes into the Virtual Cookbook.

That’s it.. the more recipes you send me the sooner my wife gets some variety in her meals. If she eats another turkey burger smothered in mushrooms I could be effed!

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