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Feather Bowling = AWESOME!

One of my best friends just got back from visiting his family in Detroit.  While he was showing me some pics of his trip one of them really stood out.  This old school establishment called: Cadieux Cafe; been around since the 60′s and was actually just showcased on Anthony Bourdain’s show, No Reservations.

So long story short.  This place has a bar game that goes waaay beyond shuffle board and darts.  It’s called Feather Bowling…think Bocci meets Curling with a cold one and pack of generic smokes!

Not only is Detroit home to Motown, but it is the only place on US soil where someone can play this Belgium pastime.  I can’t believe Feather Bowling has not been widely accepted.  I can try to explain it, but click on the above image and check out a video that will do this story much more justice!

Roy Munson would have RULED the art of Feather Bowling!!

This gets met fired up for Beach Bocci!

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