Do jorts go w/ food? YES! but what food?

Send me a recipe that you think should be made by a man in JORTS. I will not only cook it up, I will wear a pair of JORTS while doing it!!!!!

For those of you who do not know what JORTS are…

Jorts :
  a combination of the words “jean” and “shorts” used to describe the hideous attire, usually sported by NASCAR afficianados and men over 40. Sometimes Jorts are accessorized with a lovely cellphone belt clip and a braided leather belt, but not always. Sometimes the Jorts wearer lets the Jorts speak for themselves.

While at a baseball game, I noticed a plethora of adult males with no shirts on, drinking copious amounts of beer while proudly wearing Jorts.

- Urban Dictionary

Here’s how it works

  • you send me a recipe that goes well w/ a side of Jorts!
  • I pick the best submission
  • I cook up your recommendation in a pair of short jorts!
  • Please Submit by July 15th (


Do I need to say more?


I think I am more scared of the jorts then the bull….

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3 Responses to “JORTS”

  1. martone says:

    clearly clams casino would pair nicely w jorts.

    but you need to do cleams casino the way i had it at lunch today. forget the shell:

    clam on top of chorizo on top of small square of toast w some seasoning and special sauce and jorts of course

  2. Josh says:

    I think that Jorts are truely an example of crossover clothing where form meets fundtion. They are worn by those that depend upon the rugged durability of a good pair of jeans and who at the same time want to appreciate the fresh warm air of summer.

    A person that has the common sense to wear jorts would also appreciate the great efficiency of cooking up a meal of game that could be found in anyones back yard. I think a recipe of rabbit or squirrel would go great with a pair of jorts. If rabbit or squirrel isn’t available than maybe a venison tenderloin that has a black pepper rub with a wasabi glaze.

  3. Whit says:

    Possum stew.

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