JORTS: The Making Of….

Step by step lesson in making a pair of jean shorts.

JORTS: noun, The basic lower garment of the truly hardcore, Jorts are jeans, usually tight fitting, cut off at roughly the knee and allowed to fray, thus adding to the hardcore look. Typical complementary attire includes socks with sandals and a Mike Piazza jersey.

If you talk about somebody’s momma it tends to get sloughed off; if you talk about somebody wearing jorts, you better be ready to fight.

That kids jorts are so metal, he must be a BAMF.


Why did I wear JORTS? Because I live on the edge…I’m what some call a danger seeker, actually I had the jeans and thought that creating a recipe around making a pair of jorts would be fun!

The recipe came out great (Beer Can Chicken) and I gotta tell you…. the JORTS were not as bad I had imagined!

I think the King of Jorts is David Cross as Tobias in Arrested Development… as a Never Nude he took the jort to whole new level. check out this quick video…..

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