Getting to 2nd Base!!

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year!

Valentine’s Day is a tough day… Lots of pressure for dudes to deliver, everything cost triple the price and there is nothing harder than standing in aisle 6 at CVS riffling through what’s left of the V Day cards.  BUT…it’s gotta get done.

Here are a some TIPS to help you get through the night and possibly make you achieve HERO status.

  • If you’re cooking at home go EASY on the garlic.  V Day is one of the only designated make-out nights on the calendar!
  • If you’re dining out don’t over eat.  Most places have a set 3 or 4 course menu so by the time you’ve gone from the bread basket to the cheese cake, coupled with wine you’re looking at the ingredients to a big bottle of Nyquil…and you have to perform later that evening.
  • Exchange cards at the table after your first class of wine.  Get the night moving right!
  • Try really really really hard not to text and or surf the web on your phone.  The minute you start looking at your phone you might as well just chew on garlic cloves.

Home cooks… few Bonus tips

  • Lighting is HUGE! Dim the lights a tad to create a mellow atmosphere.  If you have candles this is the day to fire those up.
  • Tunes: keep the beats light, funky or jazzy.  Jay Z can wait till tomorrow.
  • Simple yet elegant recipes I found online.

GODSPEED!!!!!!! report back….!

While  you’re cooking or getting ready to go out… BLAST this tune!

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