Brussels Sprouts Pouches with Bacon

Although readily available virtually year-round, the peak season for Brussels sprouts is from September to mid-February. With that in mind I want to arm you with tasty ways to consume these little guys and also add some creativity to your apps as you look to enteratin this holiday season.

Thanks to Jon Hwang, a great man and talented foodie from Boston for providing this recipe and pics for a Brussels Sprouts and Bacon combo.


Trim the brussel sprouts, and make sure that you trim it straight so that there’s a flat surface for the sprout to stand up straight in the roasting pan.  Use a paring knife to core the brussel sprouts from the top.

Freeze the bacon over night (you want it as solid as possible, because it will melt fast since it’s basically all fat).  If you can get slab bacon, even better, because you’ll be able to put that over a grater.  If not, you can slice the bacon with a knife as small as possible.

Put a small amount of the uncooked bacon bits into the brussel sprouts and arrange them in a roasting pan.  You can brush with olive oil if you want, but not 100% necessary since there will be a lot of fat from the bacon.  Hit with a little bit of salt and pepper, and broil on low until the brussel sprouts start to brown.  If you brush with olive oil, the salt and pepper will stick a little better.  The bacon fat will cook the sprouts from the inside.

These look fantastic and EASY to make.  Freezing the Bacon is a great tip as well.  If you are into the pork and Brussels Sprouts combo click here for another recipe.

Thanks again, Jon!

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