BBQ & Bluetooth

Big Apple BBQ this weekend in Madison Sqaure Park.

If you’re around Madison Square Park today check out the 7th annual Big Apple BBQ. The country’s top pitmasters cook up their award-winning food for over a hundred thousand barbecue enthusiasts. It looks like it will be INSANE.

Here are some pics from when I walked by the park on Friday.



The Legendary SHAKE SHACK


Busted w/ Blue Tooth!!


This guy will be there… Ed Mitchell.. he just looks like a pro! and I am 100% certain he wouldn’t be caught dead w/ a bluetooh in his ear! (that’s the side of his 18 wheeler)


view from the park!



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  1. capn slushy says:

    this site is the new phat in cooking. you make gordon ramsey look like street meat vendor.

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