Gourmet Dude dotcom is a culinary destination where EVERYONE is welcome and EVERYONE is encouraged to participate.

That means YOU!

The idea here is “Can-Do” not “How-To” cooking and the goal is to provide simple solutions to that age old question…”what’s for dinner?”

You don’t have to own a restaurant or speak French to know how to cook…you just can’t be afraid of giving it a shot. Trust me the only training I have had in the culinary arts is The Saltine Race… that’s when you line up with 5 other people and the first one to finish a sleeve of saltines is KING!

So enjoy my favorite dishes, I made the videos quick and put the recipes below them. All I ask is that you send your favorite recipes. You don’t have to create them from scratch, they can be your mom’s or Bobby Flay’s. Send them in video or written form to recipes@gourmetdude.com

Thanks for visiting the site and I look forward to seeing your recipes.

and like the legendary Julia Child said….

“No matter what happens in the kitchen, NEVER apologize!”

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