A Face for Radio.

On-Air w/ the B Team!

On February 4th at 11:09am I went on Sirus Satellite’s Mad Dog Radio to talk Super Bowl parties and food with Bruce Murray and Bill Pidto (2 Great Guys).  I have to say it was my first appearance as G Dude AND I had to bring in samples of Super Bowl worthy grub so I was a tad bit nervous.  The guys on the B Team were Amazing.  From the minute I walked into the studio I felt comfortable and immediately felt like part of the team.

I prepped the food in the office kitchen and just as the producers came to grab me I finished garnishing the buffalo wings… we’re talkin right down to the wire!  I was living a real life Apprentice challenge and was soo fired up to hit the mic!

Below is my 2 part appearance and here are the recipes we covered on-air.  Many thanks to entire team over at Sirius for making this day one the best I’ve had to date! (not counting my wedding and Henry’s birth of course!)

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  1. David Solomon says:

    Just listened to Pete’s segments on sirius. Fantastic, funny, informative, entertaining! Nicely done cousin! Keep us posted on the next celebrity event.

  2. tom says:

    HA! funny… and educational!!!
    love the G-Dude backstory and the video.
    now i gotta get Sirius.

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